A Devotion To Hope

The work of Living Hope For Honduras is funded by individuals, foundations, and churches. We simply could not provide the support we do without this amazing combination of energies.

We also listen very closely to our Honduran staff and community leaders, who identify needs and help the Board to plan and assist in implementing the ideas. We do not presume to know all the needs of those we serve, but we watch, listen, pray together and work as partners.

The board and staff are dedicated to expanding support to keep all activities on sound financial footing, create homes for more orphans, and to provide spiritual and educational opportunities for those who have few prospects of improving their lives and supporting their families.

Selfless Volunteers & Our Donors Make It Possible

A little girl in Honduras received medical care.


Volunteerism is the life-blood of Living Hope. The board members function as staff, handling the day-to-day operations, interfacing with the Honduran staff and managing donor relations and fundraising. The dedication of the board enables us to work with very low overhead, having no expenses for office space or utilities. One hundred percent of the board members have traveled to Honduras multiple times at their own expense and all contribute to the work.

Each summer youth groups from the states make mission trips to work with Living Hope. Students plan enrichment activities for the girls in the home, work on construction projects and visit community churches to serve as needed. Designated board members plan and supervise the groups.


Mission Trips

Multiple groups from the United States make mission trips to Honduras to work with the communities Living Hope serves. Students from high schools, youth groups and colleges, as well as adult professionals, plan enrichment activities, work on construction projects and visit communities to serve as needed. Board members lead and oversee the groups and work alongside the groups. Participating in a mission trip is the best way to see and understand the work Living Hope does. Mission trips are vital to Living Hope’s capacity to accomplish major construction projects such as the Girls' Homes, dairy operation facilities, church buildings, in addition to maintenance projects for local homes such as installing flooring, constructing pilas (outdoor sinks) and repairing roofs.