Helping The Most Needy During the Pandemic

We all know that the global COVID-19 pandemic has affected essentially all aspects of life and business. This is true regardless of country, economic status, age and many other factors. It has been especially devastating to those in less developed or poor nations.

Living Hope For Honduras has strengthened its efforts to continue our support to those in Honduras, including carefully planned visits (taken with every precaution possible for the safety of all involved). At this time, as you consider helping those in need, it is important to know that every contribution to Living Hope For Honduras has an amazing impact, one that may literally save lives.

Every nation has struggled with combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, and with implementing measures to do the best it can to protect its citizens. When those in need are already struggling, with everyday basics such as food, medical care and housing, the pandemic's devastating affects are amplified. We will continue our mission to support those in Honduras, and help families and children in need to receive support. Please consider a donation, which is more important now than ever.

Concerned woman contemplating a home purchase or sale during the time of COVID-19.