A Safe, Loving Home

Casa de Lynn is the second home for girls and is the result of a generous gift in the form an endowment from Mrs. Julia Reeves, longtime friend of our founders, Pat and Bob Walters. The home is named for Mrs. Reeves daughter, Lynn, who passed away in 2013.

Mrs. Reeves passed away in 2022 and was touched by the mission of Living Hope to provide homes for abandoned and abused girls. She hoped to inspire love and safety for every girl brought to Living Hope.

Because of her generosity, Casa de Lynn is honored by providing the kind of home that all mothers want for their children. The new home will accommodate up to 12 girls. 

Casa de Lynn on a beautiful sunny day in Honduras.

Late 2021


Rogelio Alberto & Damaris Espinal Cruz, House Parents for Casa de Lynn, who supervise the shelter for abused and abandoned girls, built via the efforts of Living Hope For Honduras.

Dedicated House Parents

Casa de Lynn is blessed to have two amazing house parents who lovingly guide and manage the home. Rogelio Alberto and Damaris Espinal Cruz offer their gifts every day to caring for our girls.

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