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The Original Inspiration

The mission of Living Hope for Honduras began in 1993 when Bob Walters, then an elder for Broad Street Church of Christ in LaGrange, Georgia, along with his son, Wade, went to a Christian men’s retreat in Honduras and fell in love with a beautiful country, one surrounded by mountains with a river running through it. This was a remote, impoverished part of the country, difficult to get to. It had one small village church. With God’s help and a vision, he and a partner, John Hendry, bought a farm with the intent that the church members could work the land and live off the produce. Along with his wife, Pat, and two children, Wade and Jan, along with the help of others, physically built church buildings in villages surrounding Gualaco, Honduras. Bob never dreamed that God would use him in such a powerful way, but he never flinched; he never backed down nor failed to face any challenge. Because of his vision Living Hope for Honduras was formed.

Great Works Accomplished

Beginning in 1990, the Walters’ family vision has been the impetus for the holistic nature of Living Hope, known in Honduras as ¡Esperanza Viva! A broad look at the work today includes 14 hand-built church buildings and partial support of their preachers. Through the churches and community leaders, we help supply basic needs for widows and the poorest of the poor. Volunteers and mission groups complete construction/maintenance projects such as adding concrete flooring in homes so that people will not have to live on a dirt foundation and installing pilas (large basins) to hold water for cooking and cleaning. The dairy farm produces beef, milk, and produce for the children’s home, with some excess that can be sold. Living Hope offers scholarships for more than 300 area children annually, enabling them to finish high school and attend a university. In 2017 a children’s home, Nanny’s Casa, opened to care for 12 abused and abandoned little girls. A second home, Lynn’s Casa, is under construction and will accommodate 24 girls!

Since the first seeds of service were planted in the founder’s heart, Living Hope has helped many families, children, and women who have been forgotten, abandoned, and abused. The mission today builds on that vision, working constantly to help these amazing people forge a better life for their families.


Honduran village with day-time street scene.
Young woman and girl posing for the camera in Honduras.



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